Over 30 collective years of working in design and development teams, our founders believe finding the right people is the true path to happiness and success, this applies to both staff and the clients we work with.

We are a first and foremost people agency that believes in a strong and happy culture in the workplace. A hard-working team that never stops learning & evolving.

So, what about our core values?

Glen Wheeler - Shopify Developer

Glen Wheeler

It was in 2017 that Glen and Jamie came together to work on their very first project and since then have always been in close communication with each other whilst running their separate agencies in the North East.

Jamie Bradley - Headless & Jamstack Developer

Jamie Bradley

Glen and Jamie were both on the hunt to expand their agencies and started to discuss the possibility of merging their companies. StackUp Digital was born after combining two web development agencies during the COVID-19 period.

Headquartered in the North East of England, we are a world-leading Shopify and Headless agency working with those who want to accelerate their growth and performance online. We are a dedicated, experienced, family-orientated team that currently serves clients in the UK, US, Europe and Asia. Our specialist experience and knowledge in Headless Architecture and eCommerce have seen companies grow their company revenue to 7 figure businesses with the help of our team.

  • Glen Wheeler

    Glen Wheeler

    Director & Client Relationships

  • Umir Rehman

    Umir Rehman

    Associate Front-End Developer

  • Jamie Bradley

    Jamie Bradley

    Director & CTO

  • Jack Bradley

    Jack Bradley


  • Mel Bradley

    Mel Bradley

    Office Manager & Accounts

StackUp Digital are a hybrid working team with its core staff based in Middlesbrough, UK. We do however have full-time staff based across the UK with members of the team based in Hull, Manchester and The South of England. Every member of the team has the option to work from home, at the office or in a Co-Working space 5 days a week, it works for us and it seems to work for everyone all around including our clients with the use of our in-house tools, Discord and Zoom.

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