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You might have heard of terms like "Headless CMS" or "Headless eCommerce". But what does the "Headless" part actually mean? Why would you consider it? How do you do it? Our CTO, Jamie Bradley, has been a trailblazer in this approach since 2016 so we definitely know a thing or two!

When you look at the vast majority of websites, you'll find that they are often built with two parts; the Front End (presentation layer) and a Back End (data layer). Usually these two layers are merged into a single unit. This is known as a Monolithic Architecture. If you have ever received a website that was built with WordPress, then your website is in this camp.

Is a Monolithic Website bad?

Monolithic Websites aren't bad. In fact, there are many successful websites that were built this way. However, there may come a time where your website will struggle to cope with large amounts of traffic, especially if customers visit your website from various parts of the World.

In this instance, your developer(s) will need to consider various strategies to help your website scale and cope with the demand. Some of these strategies include:

Whilst these strategies work, they require extra development effort and can be expensive. This is why companies often turn to the Headless model.

What is Headless?

With the Headless (or decoupled) model, the presentation and data layers are separated and so, thanks to a recent advancement in web development technologies, this abstraction introduces some fantastic benefits with less effort and lower costs.

Are there any drawbacks?

There are a number of trade-offs with a Headless website, so it's important to be strategic and cautious before taking the leap. We're experts in this field and host discovery sessions with our clients to identify the various factors that should be considered before determining whether you are ready to go headless.

Headless Developers in the UK
Our Headless Achievements over 2023

Jamie Bradley has delivered discovery sessions and talks for the best part of five years surrounding the subject of Headless. With many talks under his belt and hundreds of hours in giving direction and collaborating with our team, we have the experience to take the lead on your next Headless project. We can help with:

  • Direct Oil - Image of a Watson Fuel Truck
    Direct Oil - Home Heating Oil Online
  • The BSSR - Image of a skeletal scan
    BSSR - The British Society of Skeletal Radiologists
  • Volund - A photo of a Volund custom bar
    Volund - Deluxe, luxurious bar tops and work tops
  • Spread The Happiness - Shonette Bason public speaking
    Spread The Happiness
  • The AMS on team at their Annual Conference
    Asian Musculoskeletal Society

What are the benefits of a Headless Architecture?

Glen and StackUp Digital have been an integral part and extension of the Direct Oil team. Their technical knowledge, availability and efficiency have been excellent over the last 18 months.

Ian Probert
Watson Fuels

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