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Headless website development refers to the approach of building a website or application without a traditional front end, allowing for greater flexibility in content presentation and delivery across various devices and channels. Our CTO, Jamie Bradley has been a trailblazer in this approach since its inception and continues to push the benefits of a headless build.

To be transparent, a Headless approach has to be the right fit and there are many factors to take into consideration when you are thinking about taking your website Headless. With a short discovery session, we can take you through our process to determine if you are ready to go headless. We will explore ideas, budgets and various data-driven points and ideas of going headless.

Headless Developers in the UK
Our Headless Achievements over 2023

Jamie Bradley has delivered discovery sessions and talks for the best part of five years surrounding the subject of Headless. With many talks under his belt and hundreds of hours in giving direction and collaborating with our team, we have the experience to take the lead on your next Headless project. We can help with;

  • Direct Oil - Image of a Watson Fuel Truck
    Direct Oil - Home Heating Oil Online
  • The BSSR - Image of a skeletal scan
    BSSR - The British Society of Skeletal Radiologists
  • Volund - A photo of a Volund custom bar
    Volund - Deluxe, luxurious bar tops and work tops
  • Spread The Happiness - Shonette Bason public speaking
    Spread The Happiness
  • The AMS on team at their Annual Conference
    Asian Musculoskeletal Society

So, why go Headless?

Glen and StackUp Digital have been an integral part and extension of the Direct Oil team. Their technical knowledge, availability and efficiency have been excellent over the last 18 months.

Ian Probert
Watson Fuels

In short, Jamstack is a modern, performant, and secure approach to web development that emphasises the use of client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt Markup.

Thinking of going Headless? We need to talk.