Emma J Shipley

Emma J Shipley is a British graphic designer who makes accessories and homeware products for those who love the natural world, have imagination and a love for interior. Emma gets her inspiration from travelling the world, from the Jungles of Costa Rica to the Savannahs of Africa.

Emma J Shipley was referred to us by an existing client from the fantastic work we had completed on a previous project, it is great to get referrals as this shows that we are doing the right things as a business. Emma J Shipley has been a client for over 3 years.

Emma Shipley on a sofa with her collection of vibrant products
Emma J Shipley have been a client for over 3 years

The Challenge

Emma J Shipley had a pre existing Shopify store which was a running a 1.0 theme. StackUp Digital were tasked with building a 2.0 theme, originally designed in Sketch which hosted various functionality throughout. This functionality included;

This project was given a 5 month deadline from start to finish.

The Solution

Like every project we defined each task of the build and moved it into a priority order in our monday.com dashboard. All project management work comes directly after discovery before any coding or development work starts. Each individual 'ticket' raised is filled out with its own 'micro specification' which is defined between the client, development and the project management team.

With various tasks in mind, we allocated two developers to this project. The first developer worked on the overall static theming and the second worked on custom features such as the calculator. We used various technology stacks to fulfil and complete this project, which included;

Since launching Emma J Shipley back in 2021 and in turn, integrating into their team as technical advisors and developers, we have seen nothing but success. Working closely with their marketing team is a blessing and the conversion rate and revenue are proof of great teams working together.

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