Rounton Coffee

Rounton Coffee are a small team who just really, really love coffee. Rounton Coffee is a Yorkshire based brand founded by David Beattie. David travelled the world and ended up in Sumatra where he found a new found love for coffee. David has always loved the process of making coffee and so opened this wonderful brand Rounton Coffee.

Rounton Coffee has been a big hit with customers in the Teesside and North Yorkshire area for years with various high street stores been placed in various locations. Rounton Coffee then went online into the eCommerce space driving their online sales through the Visualsoft platform.

A bag of Rounton Coffee and a Cup on a tree stump with Rounton Coffee Branding
Rounton Coffee Migrated from Visualsoft to Shopify

The Challenge

To design and build a new Rounton Coffee store on the Shopify Platform. This project was a brand new build so there was no Migration of Data from Visualsoft to Shopify, however we did need to make sure that redirects and rankings were retained.

Some of the design and technical challenges for this project were;

The Solution

As you can see from the brief we faced various challenges with this project, the first being the design phase.

StackUp Digital spent a lot of time in the design phase looking at key data from the previous site to make data driven decisions on page components, specifically the components that live on the product page. One mistake a lot of agencies make is design decision changes around certain page components that probably never needed to change. If something happens to work on the old site, we don't necessarily want or need to change it, perhaps re design it slightly and modernise the UI but its always worth keeping what we know works. We use data insights to make these decisions and so some of the new design work actually remained within the re design.

Like each project we start, we broken the technical brief down into smaller chunks. At the time we used Trello as our Project Management tool and so split everything into sprints use a Kanban approach.

How did we over come some of the technical challenges listed above?

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