Spread The Happiness

Spread The Happiness is dedicated to improving education through teacher training, resources and support. From Continued Professional Development needs to planning resources, our team provide practical help that has proven results in improving childrenโ€™s education and provision.

Our relationship started with the amazing Shonette Bason after a referral from one of our previous clients. Shonette is the biggest bundle of joy and happiness ever and Shonette's Mum...well, she bakes the most amazing scones! Regular meetings with the Spread The Happiness Team is our favourite type of meeting.

Shonette Bason on Stage doing her work with Spread The Happiness
The amazing Shonette Bason on stage with Spread The Happiness

The Challenge

Spread The Happiness was and still is a pre-existing website based on the WordPress platform. There are various sections to the Spread The Happiness brand and we wish to migrate the whole site to a Headless Architecture at some point however we were tasked to Migrate the learning platform (all of the content for schools and teachers) to a fully bespoke system.

We had to consider various functionalities throughout the process and had to demonstrate which bespoke system was the best approach for this particular section of the website. Some of the challenges we faced with this brief were the flowing;

The Solution

The original platform was developed with WordPress and a combination
of plugins to provide the functionality the team needed. This worked well for a while, but as the platform grew, it became more difficult to maintain and extend.

For the back end, our team decided to migrate to a more robust framework that would allow for more flexibility and scalability. Laravel was chosen as the framework of choice for the migration. Laravel is a modern PHP framework that provides a robust set of tools for building web applications. It is well documented and has a large community of developers that contribute to the project.

Within our solution, we also used Next.js, a React framework for building static and server-side rendered applications. Next.js provides a great developer experience and enables us to build a fast and responsive application for users of the platform.

Our goal was to improve overall website responsiveness, security, and scalability, ensuring that learners have an optimal and engaging experience. This move empowers us to introduce new features seamlessly, ensuring our commitment to delivering a cutting-edge and user-friendly e-learning platform.

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