The U N S E E N Beauty

T H E U N S E E N Beauty is the epitome of being different. Founder Lauren Bowker, who describes herself as a 'materials alchemist', has worked with some of the world's biggest brands, including Swarovski, Formula 1, Selfridges and Virgin Galactic. Lauren sees the world differently and this shines through in the products that T H E U N S E E N Beauty brings to market.

We decided to work with T H E U N S E E N Beauty and Lauren purely due to their obsession with innovation and creative thinking, something StackUp Digital pay attention to as a business. T H E U N S E E N Beauty brand and products have been featured across big-name brands and blogs. Those that include Schwarzkopf, Vogue and ELLE. We continue to work with T H E U N S E E N Beauty to design and develop the website into something a little weird and different.

The Unseen Beauty Colour Alchemy products on a black background
Colour Alchemy - The U N S E E N Beauty's very first product

The Challenge

To build a fully functioning website on Shopify based on a full set of statistics designed in Figma. The website had various admins and so needed to be easy for the users to modify and update content and customise pages to their liking based on the components designed. The designs had a set of technical challenges such as colour variant selection based on different product types, the ability to capture user behaviour on the page, the ability to automate and display rich reviews of products and collect information of users who are interested in purchasing. The cart and checkout process must be simple, fast and efficient. The designs showcased captivating and mysterious photography throughout which we felt were of huge importance to this project, these must be clear and crisp across devices.

The Solution

With our extensive knowledge of Shopify and Liquid (Shopifys Template Language), we were able to review the static designs and develop a document that showed each key milestone for the development phase. This was carried out by our project management and development teams. The document we developed effectively becomes our checklist which is then organised into, our project management tool. Each person involved in the project gets access to the channel which makes any project we handle super structured and clear.

The project scope included various tools some of which included;

With these tools in mind, our development team progressed with the integrations using various APIs and Apps to deliver each piece of functionality outlined in our document.

We used the customiser in Shopify 2.0 to develop each component into the theme editor, allowing the site admins to build up a visual preview of their landing page before publishing it to the front end. The Shopify 2.0 customiser provides ultimate flexibility for anyone using the website to create custom landing pages, product pages and Journal Posts.

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